23rd Apr : Delivery Volume Gainers : Nifty 50, Small, Mid & Large Caps

Nifty 50 Delivery based Volume Gainers
NSE Small, Mid and Large Caps : Delivery Volume Gainers

Above 2 lists shows delivery based volume gainers for both Nifty 50 stocks and large, mid & small caps stocks. Delivery based volume gainers means data with day trade volume excluded. This gives a much clear picture about the investor sentiments in a particular stock. In normal volume data more than 50% of trade volume will be day trades in many large and mid cap stocks. So we cannot fully rely in this data if you are planning for positional, short, medium or long term investment. So investors showed more interest in above mentioned stocks (with higher percentage). In the nifty 50 list all stocks included and the stocks with red and lower percentage means lower investor interest.