Quick Money : Jupiter 183.58Hz & 473.9Hz + Earth’s 7.83Hz + Phi 1.618Hz + Pi 3.14Hz

When it is about money and wealth our mindset is the most import thing than hard work or luck. Even if we work very hard with an extremely negative mindset then nothing will happen as the way we expect. Most of the people have been conditioned negatively during the childhood period about money and wealth. Lot’s of negative comments and don’ts entered our brain during that period and that shaped our beliefs and attitude.

If you are really serious about changing your life and financial status first you have to change the mindset. It is not easy but through consistent and honest efforts it is possible. We have to reach to the subconscious mind to change some belief or habit. It will not happen in one or two days because the conditioned happened throughout these years. So re-programming also will take time. Also conscious mind acts like a gatekeeper and will not allow any direct entry to the subconscious.

So you need to use some tools like affirmations or law of attraction techniques to change your mindsets. There are many affirmation methods like visual, audio, subliminal etc. There are many such affirmations videos in YouTube and other such video or audio sharing sites. Listen to them daily for for few weeks. You need to listen to them consistently for at least 21 days without any break to make at least some changes in the mindset.

Listening to money frequencies also helps to make a positive environment for the law of attraction. In this video many money tones are used. Jupiter has been associated with money and wealth from ancient periods. Two Jupiter spinning tones are used in this video – 183.58Hz & 473.9Hz. Apart from that Earth’s frequency or Schumann Resonance 7.83Hz, Golden ratio or Phi 1.618Hz and famous Pi 3.14Hz also included with Gold Coins visualization. Watch this video daily at least 1-2 times for 3-4 weeks and that will gradually change your mindset and overall outlook about money.