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A person’s financial status is not dependent on his capacity or capabilities. Even very hard working people may not get enough wealth and some people accumulate huge wealth without much hard work. So hard work and money don’t have much relation. It all depends on your mindset. Most of the people have a middle class mindset thinking that they don’t deserve much or they cannot earn much. That mindset is the main blocking thing. Universe will shower things only you wish and dream with great hope, feeling and confidence.

So changing the mindset is very very important. Problem is we have been conditioned from our childhood that making money is difficult or it is a sin to accumulate lots of money etc. So to achieve something big we need to remove these liming negative subconscious impressions and beliefs. That is not easy because these impressions etched to our subconscious mind not in one or two days. It developed with years of data we perceived through our senses – mainly eyes and ears. So to reverse it we need to work hard. Try to see and hear only positive things about money and wealth. Status of our mind fully depends on these two inputs.

When we talk about food control or diet we think about eating and drinking only. But in vedanta or spirituality seeing and hearing also mentioned as food as these 2 things are very important for controlling our mind. So try to see and hear only good things – not only about money buy everything. Your life will change forever. You will feel happiness everywhere. Mind will be fully calm and at peace.

When it is about subconscious programming affirmations are one of the best way to reprogram it. When we hear same thing again and again it will slowly bypass the conscious and enter the subconscious and it will become part of you. It will not happen instantly but with constant effort it will happen. That is 100% Sure.