Powerful Miracle Healing Tones Unique Mix : 639Hz & 963Hz + Rife 727Hz & 880Hz @ 2Hz

  1. 639Hz: This frequency is often referred to as the “Relationship Frequency” or the “Frequency of Connection.” It’s believed to promote harmony, understanding, and positive interpersonal relationships. Some proponents claim that it helps to heal relationships and enhance communication.
  2. 963Hz: This frequency is sometimes called the “Pineal Gland Activation Frequency” or the “Frequency of God.” It’s associated with spiritual growth, higher consciousness, and connecting with the divine. Some people believe that exposure to this frequency can aid in expanding awareness and accessing higher states of being.
  3. 727Hz: As mentioned before, the term “Rife” may relate to Royal Rife’s work in frequency therapy. The specific effects associated with 727Hz would depend on the source and interpretation of Rife’s frequencies. Generally, Rife’s frequencies are claimed to have healing properties.
  4. 880Hz at 2Hz modulation: The mention of “880Hz at 2Hz modulation” suggests that the 880Hz frequency is being modulated at a rate of 2Hz. Modulation refers to a change in amplitude, frequency, or phase of a waveform. The significance of using 2Hz modulation in this context would likely depend on the specific application or theory being discussed.