Money Affirmations Mandala : Manifest Anything : God’s Frequency 963Hz + Om 136.1Hz

This is a beautiful money mandala with very powerful wealth affirmations. Audio included consists of 2 frequencies – 963Hz which is an ancient soffeggio scale tone and also called God’s frequency or Law of Attraction tone and 136.1Hz which is the popularly known as om frequency. Both these tones highly beneficial to attract money, wealth and abundance.

While watching this try to think only positive about money and wealth even if you are in middle of a financial problem. A positive mindset is very very important for manifestation. We attract only whatever we think and dream. If you watch this video and think something positive about money and rest of the day keep worrying about financial problems then it will not work. Try to be positive and optimistic throughout the day.

As per experts 65000 thoughts come to our mind daily and if majority of these thoughts are negative then only that will happen in your life. So be positive, confident and optimistic.