Wealth & Money Visualization : Gold Coins, Indian Currency Rupee, Bitcoin, Diamonds

When it comes to law of attraction of manifestation of money our mindset is the most important thing. If we try all these techniques with a negative mindset about money and abundance it will not work. Instead always try to be positive about it even if you are in a financial crisis. We manifest whatever in our mind. So if you are thinking too much negative thoughts that will over power all positive thoughts and finally you will end up manifesting more negative things.

So knowingly or unknowingly we are fully responsible for the current situations in our lives. As per experts 65,000 thoughts come to our mind daily and most of them are negative. So even if you do some law of attraction or manifestation technique for 5-10 minutes and rest of the day you think negatively about money then finally only that negative thoughts will happen. So try to reduce your thoughts and try to think only promising and good thoughts.

This video contains some good visuals about money and abundance with Indian currency Rupee notes, gold coins and bars, diamonds, bitcoins etc. Watch this video at least once daily and while watching dream about more and more money coming to you easily ad effortlessly.