Law of Assumption by Neville Goddard : whatever you assume or believe to be true will eventually manifest

The “law of assumption” is a central concept in the teachings of Neville Goddard, a spiritual teacher and writer known for his work on manifestation and the power of imagination. According to Goddard, the law of assumption is a fundamental principle that governs how our reality is created.

In Goddard’s teachings, the law of assumption states that whatever you assume or believe to be true, with sufficient intensity and persistence, will eventually manifest in your physical reality. He emphasizes that our assumptions, beliefs, and imaginal acts shape our experiences and circumstances.

Goddard emphasizes the importance of consciously and deliberately assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled. He teaches that you must immerse yourself in the feeling of already having what you desire, as if it has already happened. By vividly imagining and feeling the desired outcome, you activate the creative power of your subconscious mind, which then works to bring about the corresponding circumstances in your life.

According to Goddard, the key to utilizing the law of assumption effectively is to shift your consciousness from a state of lack or desire to a state of already having what you want. This shift in consciousness involves living in the end result and cultivating the emotions and beliefs that align with your desired reality.

Here are some additional points regarding Neville Goddard’s teachings on the law of assumption:

  1. Imagination as the creative power: According to Goddard, imagination plays a crucial role in the law of assumption. He teaches that our imagination is not simply a tool for daydreaming, but a creative power that shapes our reality. By using our imagination to vividly and emotionally visualize our desires, we activate the creative forces within us.
  2. Living from the end: Goddard emphasizes the importance of living from the end result. Instead of focusing on the current circumstances or how to achieve your desires, he advises you to assume the feeling of already having what you want. By mentally dwelling in the state of your wish fulfilled, you align yourself with the reality you desire and attract it into your life.
  3. The subconscious mind: Goddard emphasizes that our subconscious mind is the seat of creative power. He teaches that our assumptions and beliefs are impressed upon the subconscious, which then works to bring them into physical manifestation. Therefore, it is crucial to align our conscious assumptions with our subconscious beliefs to manifest our desires.
  4. Persistence and consistency: According to Goddard, persistence and consistency are key factors in utilizing the law of assumption effectively. He advises maintaining a steady focus on your desired outcome, persisting in your assumption even when faced with contrary evidence, and avoiding doubts or contradictory thoughts that can hinder the manifestation process.
  5. Faith and belief: Goddard emphasizes the importance of faith and belief in the law of assumption. He teaches that unwavering belief in the reality of your assumptions is essential for manifestation. Doubt and skepticism can undermine the creative power of assumption, so cultivating a strong belief in the power of your imagination is crucial.