432Hz Money Frequency Meditation @ .5Hz to .01Hz : Law of Attraction : Abundance

432Hz is one of the most favorite tone for frequency lovers because it has so many potential benefits. Apart from money and abundance it brings positive energy, good vibes and positive mindset. If you listen it to daily it will dramatically change your life in terms of wealth, prosperity and overall happiness. So 432Hz is also called universal frequency or tone of the cosmos. Some people believes that universe vibrates at this tone.

In this video 432Hz is modulated with 13 extremely low tones ranging from .5Hz to .01Hz which comes below even the delta range or some times called as deep delta brainwave frequencies. Brain goes to delta only when we are in deep sleep. Healing and regenerative processes will be at their peak during this period. So when we induce the same type of tones from outside that also take brain to the deep relaxing mood and that will accelerate healing and immune system will work at its peak level. So apart from money and abundance listening to these tones will improve your health also.

Listen to this for at least once per day for few weeks and that will make positive vibrations and you will feel changes physically, mentally and spiritually. When it comes to money and wealth mindset is more important. Hard work plays only a very little role there. Millions of people in this world are hard working but not earning accordingly. At the same time some people are sitting idle and making millions every day. We all have same opportunities and capabilities. So our mindset and outlook about money and wealth decides our future and overall financial status.

We have been conditioned very negatively about money from childhood if you are from a middle class family. So to get more wealth and money you need to re-program the subconscious mind to change that beliefs and impressions. Subconscious mind will be very much accessible during theta and delta brainwave periods. So you can also listen to some money affirmations with this video or while listening to this think and dream about positive things about money. We get only what we are wishing or dreaming. If you are constantly thinking about your financial issues then you will never come of it. Instead of think about more money coming to you, solving all financial issues and living a luxurious life. All the Best.